Gemutations: Plague (Vol 3)

Darwin Publishing
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This 140 Page PDF continues the unfolding drama of Tigershark, Angelina, Tom and Steve Martin's attempt to find the cause and the cure for a virulent, deadly, mutatgenic plague. Things heat up as Blue begins a seemingly personal vendetta against Bull and Q, and ends up providing a much needed lead to where the two can be found to the rest of the cast. Meanwhile David must try and stop his mother from backing the growing anti-gemue movement cropping up in the wake of the infections. And Steve finally wakes up!

This volume includes Blue's Blues, Reminiscing, Small Miracles, A Wrench in the Works, and A Lead. Extras include a glossary of terms, Comic Milestone art, holiday themed art, and character art.

Add this volume to your growing collection of Gemutations: Plague PDF's!

  • 94 pages of comic content plus 12 pages of Extras!

  • Size
    122 MB
  • Length
    142 pages
  • 94 pages of comic content plus 12 pages of Extras!
  • Size122 MB
  • Length142 pages
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Gemutations: Plague (Vol 3)

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