Gemutations: Plague (VOL 2)

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It's been nearly sixty years since gemues (genetically mutated humans) first came to be. In that time they have become one of the most persecuted factions in US history. When gemues begin to appear that can spread their "affliction" like the common cold, gemue lives are threatened with worse.

David "Tigershark" Scott and his girlfriend, Angelina Cortez, are hot on the case, trying to halt the spread while attempting to find the source of the trouble. In their search, they gain unlikely allies in Dr. Tom Martin and his brother Steve.

Their search becomes a race to find cause and cure - to halt the spread before the Purists in society use it as an excuse to declare war on the gemue populations - to get rid of them once and for all.

Story to date:

While trying to intercept an M219 victim, David and Angelina, are abruptly introduced to Dr. Tom Martin and his brother Steve. Tom agrees to help with the burgeoning mutant plague, and Steve tags along - though he's not happy about it.

Tom finds himself outside his comfort zone, even as Angelina and David find themselves chasing down Marlin Cortez, hoping he's got the answers to the sources of the virulent virus that threatens to cut a huge swath in the human populations. Along the way, they get a hell of a surprise.

Continuing our Mutant Adventures, this volume includes:


-Public Knowledge

-Though I Walk Through the Valley


-What Change Have Wrought

-Waiting is the Hardest Part.

Extras for this volume include:

-Map of the United States in comic

-Character concepts (1st inception art)

-Links to story novelizations and webcomics!

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Gemutations: Plague (VOL 2)

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